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Every high-schooler has a secret glamorous dream. We capture that!

Nashville Metro High School Senior Photography

The philosophy at Rockett Studios Nashville regarding photography is simple…Every Picture Tells A Story! And that is exactly what we intend to capture in your senior portraits session.

Your story!

Most young people in this age group…DREAM! And, most dream big! They dream about possibilities. What they might do or become as they set out on this new journey after high school. College? Travel Europe on a rail pass? See the Great Wall of China? Perhaps, the military? YouTube Channel?

Some dreams include becoming an athlete. Others, a movie star. Singer. Musician. Social Media Influencer! Doctors…lawyers…anthropologists (tip of the hat to Indiana Jones.) One thing these dreams have in common…they all are GLAMOROUS!

My teams’s best effort is given to achieve this glamour in your photoshoot. Not only in the capturing of the images but most importantly…THE PLANNING of the shoot. 

Wardrobe. Hair/Makeup. Locations. Photographic themes. The understanding and creation of THESE elements are the real work…this is where the magic happens. Capturing the images is the icing on the cake.

Here is what you can expect when you book Rockett Studios Nashville for your photo session.

Your Senior Year!

The Consultation

Welcome aboard the life-train…this is the first of several majors events in your life! SENIOR YEAR!

Now…you get to tell your story…in your own words with fabulous portraits & video which last a lifetime. (This idea will make your parents very happy, trust me!)

If you are searching for high school senior portraits that will stand out from the rest…we believe you have found the right studio…Rockett Studios Nashville.

Your experience with us begins with a consultation meeting. And, depending on local COVID regulations, this meeting will either be in person or on the Zoom platform. Together we shall plan your photo session that showcases who you are…your hobbies, your interests, your quirks…likes & dislikes. Cheerleader, athlete, chess wizard, band member, or gamer; whatever it is that makes your spirit soar, we intend to capture that!

Once we get an idea of your interests…we shall have a look at your wardrobe and offer the best advice about what would typically work, in our opinion, to help you shine!

Then we brainstorm about studio shots and location shots. Now, we’re set!

The Session

Alright! That’s done…


One of our photo sessions typically involves a studio shoot…as well as, a location shoot, depending on the package you choose. And we shall proceed based on the shoot-plan we created in our consultation meeting.

There are a few shooting options from which to choose & those will be discussed in the Investment section below.

Our client is pampered with a professional hair & makeup application. Just like if you were shooting for a fashion magazine in New York or Paris. Of course, assistance will be provided with wardrobe, if needed.

One thing NOT to worry about…POSING! That is our job! To make sure you look comfortable, happy, & authentic. We shall even hook you up with a posing-guide for you to practice at home. (while no one is watching) Cool, huh?

Another thing…there will be SNACKS. We learn what your favorite snacks & beverages are in the consultation meeting. Can’t take on a big project like this…without snacks! Right?!!

C’mon! Let’s shoot…

The Reveal

At the completion of the shoot session, we shall book your reveal & ordering appointment.

This usually occurs a couple of weeks after the shoot session. At this appointment, you are able to view some sample products from your photo session. This will include prints, matted wall art,  a canvas, our patented ROCKETT Seniors Magazine, & video samples.

Samples will be a mixture of photographer choices & specifically designed photo ideas from our creative consultation meeting early in the process. We shall even take a peek at a virtual gallery of how these heirloom-images might appear best on the walls of your home.

The reveal session is fun & exciting…it’s the culmination of a collaborative process that will bring you & your family joy for a lifetime!


Senior portraits sessions range from $399 for a basic session to $999 for a stylized portrait/video fusion session. As explained above our senior portrait sessions include a consultation meeting, to determine wardrobe & locations possibilities that match your style & personality. Once the photo session has ended a reveal & ordering appointment is made. Samples of the products will be shown to assist you with your selections.

While every family budget is different, we typically see senior portrait clients budget approximately $2000 – $5000 to enjoy the fullest expression of their heirloom-quality artwork & digital files. Those who prefer a few select pieces budget several hundred dollars ($400+). If your school requires a yearbook image, we are happy to submit that on your behalf.

  • The Fabulous - Senior Package
  • $1499
  • Professional Hair/Mu Artist
  • 4 Hours Shooting Time
  • Studio Shoot
  • 3 Locations Shoot
  • 5-10 Wardrobe Changes
  • 10-20 Image Custom Magazine
  • All-Image Buyout Additional
  • Simply - The Basic
  • $399
  • Professional Hair/Mu Artist
  • 90 Minute Photo Session
  • Studio Shoot
  • 1 Location Shoot
  • 3 Wardrobe Changes
  • 2 Magazine-Quality Edits
  • Additional Images Optional


See what others are saying about Rockett Studios Nashville.

  • "Rockett does a wonderful job. He has taken headshots or lifestyle pictures of my daughter for 5 years and he ALWAYS does a fabulous job! I always know he will get great shots, he is kind, is a lot of fun to work with & has always made my daughter feel at ease so she can have fun during the shoot." Hope O'Briant
    Hope O
    Hope O
    Doting Mom...Lily Brooks O
    Cast member on Netflix
  • "I had a BLAST with Nash Rockett (pun not intended). Rockett made the whole experience so fun and entertaining! In the midst of all the fun and smiles, he taught you how to make the photo come to life! I am still amazed on how my photos turned out! Nash Rockett is out of this world!!"
    Mekyland Williams
    Mekyland Williams
    Miss Germantown Iris Teen
  • "Having new headshots with Rockett after many years of “being mommy” was a fantastic experience. He made me feel beautiful and managed to make me look my absolute best. It gave me enough confidence to get back on the pageant stage and theater. He was so knowledgeable in the right “looks”. I even brought my 5-year-old son to him for a session and couldn’t be happier with the way he captured his personality. Definitely a fun shoot, lots of laughs and outstanding work. We will always be fans of Rockett’s work and happy to sit in front of his camera!"
    Lauren Sutton Baird
    Lauren Sutton Baird
  • "I have admired Nash Rockett from afar for about a year now. Yesterday I got to spend some time with him while he was setting up for my daughter's photoshoot. Let me express an opinion from a father's standpoint. Rockett gets the most out of my daughter and I am sure he will do the same for your daughter. If you are looking for a consummate professional, he is your man. He puts his subjects at ease and really gets the most from them. Thank you, Rockett."
    Chuck Fisher
    Chuck Fisher
    Loving Dad of a serious beauty queen!
  • "It was so much fun today! So glad I was a part of it. So many beautiful and fun photos! Photo blast away!!!"
    Jeni Stephens
    Jeni Stephens
    Miss Tennessee 1996
  • “Rockett really delivered! Our videos are polished, professional, and look great on our displays!”
    Jason Sargent
    Jason Sargent
    Simpson Housing
  • “Mr. Rockett is so funny. I love when he takes my pictures because he makes me laugh and I never know what he will say to get me to smile. My brother gets jealous when I get to go because we have all the fun. One day he will let me be on his YouTube channel when he realizes how famous I’m gonna be! 😂 He even taught me to dance! My pictures are always the best too! “ Love Libby
    Libby Baird
    Libby Baird

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